Orignally posted 10/25/20

This video was filmed back in July.

I’m waiting for a new YouTube video to finish uploading and I’m thinking listening to this guy on Success Insider giving a list of the 5 bad habits that stop you from gaining success. I gotta admit that I’m a my own worst hurdle. I love to self sabotage. Even though I didn’t really use to do it so frequently. It’s gotta worse. I love to take the easy way out whenever I can. Which I don’t think can always be a bad thing. But when it comes to my personal development. It’s become a bigger issue. I hope with this next step in my life that I stop doing this less and less. The hard road can sometimes have the best views. Sometimes.

My blog has transformed a lot over the years. I believe it been about 6 or more years. I can’t really remember off hand. The next transformation is going to be an actual journal. So boring right? Hahaha, probably. My life has become more relaxed, laid back and more routine then I thought it would be. But I’ve grown accustomed to it for the moment. Today I posted some pictures of myself on my Instagram that I was not comfortable showing to anyone. If you go back to 2019 you can see that I was doing the keto diet and achieved really great results. It was a diet that I found easy to follow and I was able to find things to eat pretty easily. It also forced me to start paying more attention to what I was putting in my mouth. Which I hadn’t done fore quite a while.

Jump to this year the end of June and I have gained all the weight back after getting a little to comfortable. I also have my failed attempts from this year to start back scattered among my other posts. All that to say that “Yes, I’m going back on Keto,” and No I probably at least in this moment in time will I be posting about in on here. I may sporadically make posts or talk about it. But it won’t be the focus of my blog. Sorry for all those that were following my for that. I would suggest following my Instagram for updates and information on that.

Posting those pictures were a complete break through. I was so disappointed in myself for gained back all my weight after being for laser focused and making so much progress. I got cocky and this time around I hope to not fall into the same trap. But I’ve always heard that maintaining can be just if not harder then losing all the weight in the first place.

Did everyone enjoy their 4th of July weekend? I hung out with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while and I was really really fun and therapeutic even though I didn’t drink I still had a great time.

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I’m back with some semi decent motivation to keep my half dedicated self and maybe somebody else out there going. Last month….ya’ll it was a hot mess but ended with decent results. The scale said I weighed less then after the holidays and that’s all I could hope for. I was still in my feelings with my 2020 starting out with my delusional ass still stuck in Ohio. But, after the recent news headlines I’m thankful to my guardian angels for helping me dodge the bullet marked with coronavirus on it.

Later looking back and realizing I was stress eating for the past two months. Mostly due to not know my teaching status. I wish I would have been more dedicated to it being stress working out. But what can I do. I’m not as strong willed all the time. I did attempt to go back on the the snake diet mixed with keto. Since with fasting your body naturally goes into ketosis. It was hit and miss I’m not gonna lie. I wasn’t as determined as I was last year. But, I’m stumbling along to find that wonder woman I was last year. She’s an elusive bitch!

Annny who. I still doing snake fast and keto. The last month of January and the first month of February I haven’t been too bad. I’m not going to be doing yoga and will be doing a 30 day squat and push up challenge after one of my colleagues mentioned she would be doing a burpee challenge for January . I’m going to somewhat copy off of her. At this point in time though burpees can kick all the rocks and I’ll do these ones instead. Maybe later in the year. I will include the links below if anybody is interested in the challenges. Have a great February!

push ups


I was looking through MDL wondering if I watched enough dramas to even compile a list of some of my favorite dramas I discovered in 2019. To my surprise I racked up quite a number! Here is a list of all the dramas I watched last year:

20th Century Boy & Girl
The Girl Who Sees Scents
Fates and Furies
About Time
Romance is a Bonus Book
Touch Your Heart
Clean with a Passion for Now
Accidentally In Love
Let’s Eat 3
My Sassy Girl
Her Private Life
The Korean Odyssey
My Fellow Citizens
Search: WWW
Love Alarm
Good Morning Call
Eternal Love
Good Morning Call: Our Campus Life
Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo
It’s Okay That’s Love
Bring it on Ghost
When the Camellia Blooms
The K2
Extraordinary You
Personal Taste
Sky Castle

I did go on a hiatus after watching a few because I wasn’t sure what do watch. I also rewatched a couple of my all time favorites. In no particular order here are the ones that left me with a great impression. I chose them either because the story-line was compelling, the chemistry between the cast or main leads was great, or my overall experience was moved emotionally in some way.

Her Private Life

Sky Castle

It’s Okay That’s Love


Romance is a Bonus Book


Search: WWW

When the Camellia Blooms

My Fellow Citizens

Eternal Love


The Girl Who Sees Scents

Extraordinary you

Bring It On Ghost

About Time

I wasn’t going to do this post because I have jumped off the consumerist machine that is beauty. Since you’re reading this. I obviously changed my mind. I wanted to break down the products that are long standing favorites and include some new finds.

Toner – Dr. Thayer

  • I’ve tried all the different scents and rose and lavender are my two favorites

Moisturizer – The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA

  • I’ve tried this product out this year after going through several different kind over the years. I’ve already purchased it twice.

Sunscreen – Etude House Surprise Mild Watery Light SPF 50+ PA+++ Sunscreen

  • As I’ve gotten older I have become a religious sunscreen wearer. Especially for my face. This one has has become a holy grail.

Chemical Peel – The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA2% Peeling Solution

  • This scary looking mask looks like you have blood all over your face and can sting the first time you use it. Leave your face so smooth and baby soft. Don’t forget the sunscreen if you gonna mess with it.

Exfoliator – Secret Key Lemon Sparkling Peeling Gel

  • I stopped using physical exfoliators a long time ago. But not before I thought that crushed apriot shelves were the epitome of skincare. My skin would of probably looked some much better back in my teens and early twenties. This chemical exfoliant is great at getting rid of dead skin build up with out the micro tears.

Pimple Killer – Hanhoo Blemish Patch

  • It comes in a simple pouch with 36 little patches. They come in two different sizes. I can put one on before I go to bed and wake up to the pimple being gone or way less visible. They are also a steal for only two bucks.

Foundation – Maybelline Fit Me Matte

  • I really feel in love with this foundation. I was ecstatic when they expanded the line. I recently used it up. But after trying out some other ones. I might come crawling back after several failed attempts.

Concealer – Maybelline Instant Age Rewind

  • I love the applicator and it applies like a dream this line was also expanded. I see what you doing Maybelline

Lotion – Jergens Ultra Healing

  • I actually leaves me moisturized all day and the scent is light enough for apply perfume and not be the person in the office that offends everyone’s senses.

Body Scrub – Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub Lychee & Plum

  • I’ve used this brand before. But I think that they added new scents to the body scrub line. Because this scent is now my favorite. If you don’t like fruity scents I would pass.

Here’s hoping that in 2020 I can find some staple hair care products. What were some of your favorites of 2019? I hope your new year is going great. Other then the fact that we might be heading into another war.


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Sup, It’s been awhile since I actually wrote out a post. If you haven’t noticed I have been posting on YouTube more. Check out my channel if you want.

A few months back I posted that I was back on the my health shit. I’m not going to say that I didn’t indulge during the holiday. I don’t do new year resolutions anymore. I started to set goals on my birthday. Because, that’s my personal new year, and aren’t your goals your own personal journey.

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After the holidays I have started back on the snake diet and I’m feeling better already after eating all that delicious holiday food. Fasting is starting to become more conventional and doesn’t sound like a foreign concept and I’m here for it. Americans don’t move around like we did in the past. Most people have desk jobs or a sedentary lifestyle in general. Talking about myself I don’t need to eat as many calories as I used to. Thought I will say this time around I won’t be as meticulous with keeping track of my measurements and weight. I will be keeping track though.

image via: Giphy

I What I really wanted to talk more about was what I’ll be doing as far as my workouts and what I will be eating on my refeed days. I will continue to eat Keto. But, I’ll be adding more vegetables per my doctors recommendations. I have a unhealthy love for cheese. Like really unhealthy. I really enjoyed the benefits that I seen when I was following it. I will be doing the same kind of workout for a month at a time. Not the new workout every week thing I did when I was really focused on getting in shape. On my fasting days I will be doing cardio. I restarted my couch to 5k app and will be doing that along with yoga. On my refeed days, I’ll be heading to the gym and doing a total body weight workout.

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I have also started meditating again and that in itself has been a great addition to my regular daily routine. I included the video that I’m using for meditation as well as the yoga video. I did start out using headspace. I couldn’t get behind paying $15 bucks a month or $50 bucks a year. Not when we have YouTube. I am currently doing a 10 min length meditation. A tip if you are just starting out I would suggest 5 mins and work your way up.

meditation video

yoga video

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Happy New Year!!


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I was on reddit in the k-drama section and someone made up a thread of their favorite lines from k-drama’s. A lot of people included quotes from this particular show. I already had it sitting in my queue and had just finished watching Mischievous Kiss Love in Tokyo. But I just didn’t have that urge to watch this one. That is, until I read some of the lines people said that they enjoyed or found to be truthful when talking about life in general. It piqued my interest and I started it that same weekend and after the first episode I was hooked. Like with most kdramas.

Here’s the trailer. Don’t forget to turn on subs 🙂

The story is about a psychiatrist and a popular book writer who moonlights as a radio DJ. After staring on a talk show together where they give insight on the psychology of the main character of his recent book, a serial killer. A unexpected romance starts to blossom. Both suffer from traumatic relationship problems early in life that stop them from enjoying things the rest of us take for granted. For him it’s growing up in an abusive childhood. For her it’s seeing her mother cheating on her father at a young age.

image via: allkpop.com

The two main character are played by Jo In Sung who plays Jang Jae Yeol and Gong Hyo Jin who plays Ji Hae Soo. After watching it I’m sad that this is the first show I’ve seen with Jo In Sung. He’s really good looking and a very talented actor. The way he played Jang Jae Yoel is wonderful. He started out as a cocky douche canoe that you really start to fall in love with. You start to root for him and Ji Hae Soo to get together. But, then as his backstory unfolds you really understand how complex he really is and understand where some of his arrogance and bravado comes from.

image via: allkpop,com

Gong Hyo Jin I have grown to love after watching her in several other dramas that include The Master’s Sun, Jealousy Incarnate and I’m currently watching her in When the Camilla Blooms. All of which show her in a different way. But, I think so far I’ve enjoyed her acting in this drama the most. While I found her character to be annoying at times. Especially, when I binge watched and was able to pin point them a lot quicker then when watching during the original airing. But we all can be annoying one time or another. Plus I found hers to be endearing.

all the roommates together
image via: asianwiki

The show has a really good supporting cast that have really compelling story lines. There is Jo Dong Min played by Sung Dong Il (reply 1997, reply 1989) who is Ji Hae Soo’s mentor and also her therapist. Along with Park Soo Kwang played by Lee Kwang Soo. The three of them are all roommates. Who actively support each other when dealing with their personal issues.

The thing I enjoyed the most is that everyone has their own issues that they have to deal with that all revolve around love. Either between parent and child, siblings, lovers, or former lovers. I think the way each story line pertaining to that particular issue was handled very well. While I don’t want to give too much away. I liked how this show dealt with mental health. Also, for those that want to know before watching…yes it has a happy ending.

Have you seen this popular tv show yet? Did you like it as much as I did? Are you watching When the Camilla Blooms? As far as that show. I didn’t think I would be as hooked as I thought I would be. Another drama has sucked me in and I don’t mind.

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