Music Monday – Adele


Want to listen to an artist who will make you have all the feels. Adele is that woman. This woman has a magnificent voice. Every time she says she has throat issues. I get a little afraid for her. But back in the day when I stupidly thought someone was committed to me. I quickly found out I was wrong and listened to Adele’s album 21 ad nauseam. I had a roommate at the time too. I never found out if he wanted to throw me out our second floor apartment. But, he was accommodating enough to never complain when I just laid in bed in the room for hours on end. falling asleep and waking up to Adele until i processed everything out. After that I could just enjoy the album and not feel like she was a kindred spirit. What’s one of your memories of Adele? Is is a good one or bad one?

Sweetest Devotion    Someone Like You    Send My Love    Chasing Pavements     Turning Tables    Hello    Set Fire to the Rain    Melt My Heart to Stone

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