Strong Woman Do Bong Soon | Ep 15



Park Bo Young as Do Bong Soon

Park Hyung Sik as Ahn Min Hyuk

Kim Ji Soo as In Gook Du

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So our favorite super woman Bon Bon has her powers back. Probably after realizing that they aren’t that bad and she would need to save everyone. Especially her Min Min. It was great seeing that pos Kim Jang Hyuk watching from the crowd when his revenge literally blew up in his face. I just wish he would have gotten beat up before and it would have been even better.

Min Hyuk getting all hot and bothered at dinner was so adorable. Him trying to wear himself out so he could sleep was funny adorbs. But, the best part and you already know it’s coming is the one I mentioned in my post top 10 k-drama kisses


Okay just all scenes with them is adorable.

Kim Kwang Bok and Oh Dong Byung meeting up in the hospital! Hilarious!! I wish they would have interacted more other than being in utter disbelief. But still a great scene.

Bong Soon confirms she thinks her power comes back because of her love of Min Hyuk and Gook Du is left out in the cold. Because he realizes that Bong Soon and Min Hyuk actually really do love each other. He really needs to get that love clock of his adjusted. Then tell me where he went so I can go get mine tweaked too.

Secretary Kong Bi Seo tried to stir up trouble by trying to sneak a picture of IGD and DBS having a friendly hug. He knows Min has a real jealous streak for that guy.  The face Min  Hyuk makes when asking him to demonstrate was so adorable though I didn’t care how mad he was got.

I guess the big gangster mob boss is just going to keep letting that monk scam him. Alrighty then.

Oh Dong Byung getting tormented with my Bong Soon is still a good time. He’ll have a whole 12 piece dinnerware set on his arm by the end of the show.

Screenshot (60)

Bong soon’s mom letting the family know that dad ran away from home was no suprise. Who can blame him when he gets bullied and beaten on the daily. No wonder her mother never got her powers back. She was always beating on an innocent person.

The kidnapper doesn’t look so bad after what I think was a hair cut. He could have been wearing a horrible wig up until this point. That other hairstyle was not flattering when he already has a long face.

That set up at the end end though. He’s so psychotic and hell bend on seeking revenge that he fell for the whole plan from start to finish. But him trying to kill her with a high powered rifle was pretty shocking at first. The dramas I’ve watched don’t show weapons as much. The funnest part of that scene was her breaking his ribs and one of his legs by throwing walnuts at him. I just wished she had rough him up a little bit more. It was kind of anti-climatic. But the way he ran from her really showed how scared of her he was after thinking he could never get beaten by a woman.

Welp, we got one more episode left. After this i’m not sure what show I’ll do next.




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