Let’s Eat 3 |7| Reaction & Review


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Yooo guys I’m back with episode 7 of Let’s Eat 3. The last show concluded with Seo Yeon discovering the Dae Young’s girlfriend actually passed away. He had ended up leaving the tickets for the show he and Ji Woo were invited too. But, Ji Woo declined. Hopefully, by the end of this episode, Ji Woo gets to learn the whole truth about his relationship. Some real romantic between them….fingers crossed.

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This episode starts out with Sun Woo discussing the details of Seo Yeon’s job position at his company. Along with how much he’s taking from her pay to clear her debt. Later they show her visiting her dad and telling him how she’s really been doing. When she was walking out she sees Dae Young and of course follows him and we get the scene that episode 6 ended on. The discuss it briefly and he says that he doesn’t like how people treat him when they find out the truth and he’s not ready yet so don’t discuss it with Ji Woo. Seo Young agree to keep it a secret.

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After getting sent out on an assignment by Sun Woo to pick up a meal for him to try Seo Yeon realizes what it was like for the guys back in college when she had them running around doing chores for her. We get a flashback to when they are all in college. Where we see Kim Jin Seok coming back after picking up feminine products for Seo Yeon because it’s exams time and she couldn’t do it herself.

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The guys place a bet during exam time and promised that they would save each other spots. But the two lames (Kim Jin Seok and Bae Byung Sam) of the group decide to squeeze Dae Young out. While the guy who got married the last episode already has a study room reserved thanks to his girlfriend. After not having any luck finding an open seat DY heads to a local restaurant and runs into JW and they order some delicious food. She also schools him on black bean noodles and tempura. He also counters and throws her off by saying they should eat together for the rest of their lives.

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The next morning JW gets up early to stand in line to have a seat at the library. I imagine this is what it’s really like because it was bad when I was in college. In all the little hideaway spots you could always find somebody hunched over a desk with their face in a book. I bet it’s even worse in South Korea where academics are held to an even higher standard. JW also texts DY to let him know that conveniently her friend wasn’t able to make it and she has an extra seat saved if he’s interested. He said thanks eventually shows up. After he falls asleep JW gives him a little eye groping only to find out she was dreaming and DY caught her head before it hit the desk. After a coffee break, they share headphones and listen to a pretty great song.

The best part of far this episode is Bae Byung Sam (the one who can’t talk to girls) trying to backstab his buddy Kim Jin Seok (the one with the car) and leaving him sleeping after they both got drunk last night. After leaving a great one-liner and heading to class without waking him up, he pulls out a remote control instead of his calculator. Yeah, Jin Seok didn’t make it to the exam on time either. But you know who got the lowest score? Sung Joo the one who had a girlfriend and a private study room.

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After turning down dinner with DY after he saw her lie about being at work. JW ends up eating dinner with Sun Woo and helping him try out one of his meals that….yes looks freaking delicious!

We find out that the jealousy between the sisters isn’t a one-way street and Seo Yeon seems to be even more jealous of Ji Woo than Ji Woo was of Seo Yeon back in college. She’s so jealous that she puts on her best outfit to go visit DY and make sure JI sees it. After feeling satisfied she made JW feels like shit she leaves just as quickly as she came. Ahhh she’s really making me not like her again this episode.

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Dae Young, Seo Yeon, and Sun Woo all go out to eat at some Spanish seafood place and it for the third time looks freaking delectable!! The shrimp looks so plump and tasty. Seo Yeon doesn’t want schooling on the food and tells them both to shut up before the food gets cold. I don’t blame her.

Leaving his place for the night Dae Young to meet Seo Yeon notices an odd woman around Ji Woo’s place and since she’s been ignoring him all day he just figured it was the landlady since she’s still planning on moving. But, after checking his black box after seeing a scratch on his car he realizes that he was a weirdo man and he’s was camped out in front on JW’s place until it was dark. DY always the boy scout drives off leaving Seo Yeon in the parking lot. He makes it back in time to catch him and tell JI Woo to call the cops. Unfortunately, since the cops didn’t find any damage of the jerk trying to break in and DY hurt him he said he was going to sue. Pfff are you fucking serious!!! The hell kinda law is that!! Ji Woo then gets mad at Dae Young and tells him that it’s his fault for being nosey. They get in a fight and she storms off after telling him she won’t be in the way for him to date Seo Yeon.

The episode ends with Seo Yeon meeting Ji Woo at her place to pay her back for her father’s ossuary fees and dropping the bombshell on Ji Woo that Dae Young’s girlfriend is in fact not among the living.

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Overall I enjoyed this episode. I like seeing all the character development between the main characters. You can tell that Dae Young is still is happy self but there is an air of sadness that does surround him while he works through the unexpected passing of Soo Ji. You can see that as he rekindles his old feelings for Ji Woo that he’s almost coming to grips with losing his someone he loved. Ji Woo being angry with someone other than her sister was different too. Especially when it’s directed at Dae Young. You can tell she doing it as a defense mechanism so that she doesn’t fall even more in love with him since she sees it as a dead end. Seo Yeon was the one who had the most development for this episode though because you see that she is working with fake confidence. She’s not an unshakable as she appears to be. Her jealousy of Ji Woo is something that seems to have been around for the past decade and it stems from her own emotional abuse that seems to have come from her biological mother. It explains why she seems to think that people her owe her stuff and she has to manipulate those around her. She doesn’t seem to think she’s good enough just being herself. But, I like how she finally told Ji Woo what was going on with Dae Young. Sun Woo also seems to be the jealous type but he’s is only stemming from his unrequited love for Ji Woo. Now that he sees himself as a viable mate for her his now has to worry about someone else trying to woo her that is a pretty formidable opponent. I think the next episode will be mainly Dae Young finishing his grieving process.

What did you think about this episode? Did you have a favorite scene?

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