Health Journey |14|Update


I was sick this week. I went to the gym once and took off the rest of the week. No, I don’t feel bad about it. I still lost weight. So I’m excited about that. Since I forgot to add my comparison pics last week so I included them for this week.

Even though I was sick last week. I finally got my hands on those slim fast keto fat bombs. Now I know why they are always sold out!! They are sooo freaking good! If you see them snatch them up.


Neck: 12.5

Chest: 38.5

Right Arm: 15

Left Arm: 15.5

Waist: 31.5

Hips: 47.5

Right Thigh: 25

Left Thigh: 25

Right Calf: 17.5

Left Calf: 17.5

Weight: 211.4


  • KIK
  • Drink more water
  • Workout 3x’s

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