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Last we left the gang, Sun Woo was in the hospital spilling all of his feelings for Seo Yeon to Ji Woo. He was highly medicated and didn’t know he said all these things. Fortunately for him, he didn’t say her name too. But, it is funny seeing Ji Woo messing with him. I’m happy he seems to have gotten over his childhood crush for her though. I wonder how she’s gonna feel when she finds out it’s her stepsister he has real feelings for.

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Episode 10 opens with Dae Young and Ji Woo in a convenience store picking up snacks and beer. They reminisce about how they couldn’t afford imported beer in college and then we get a flashback of the gang all together and Dae Young drinking German beer for his visit to Germany for the next cup match. The guys ask Byung Sam if it’s okay to buy more food on his dime and let him know if it wasn’t for him they wouldn’t be able to experience import beer. BS asks Ji Woo to be his girlfriend from what the guys are keeping track of, for the seventh time! I guess he’s gotten used to talking in front of women because Seo Yeon is also there when he’s talking.

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The guys are hanging out when breaking news says that a disgruntled army soldier threw a hand grenade and shot his rifle in his army barracks after being bulled by his superiors. What an ass! that’s all part of being in the damn military. They haze the shit out of you. It usually playful, but sometimes some superiors take it too far. Those ones always end up being getting dealt with though. Through military punishment. The guys seem more shook up because of it almost time for them to do their physical exam before they go a serve.

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Ji Woo and Seo Yeon are out grocery shopping and Ji is a girl after my own heart. Going to all the sample tables and eating two at a time. While walking around they run into Dae Young who is picking up more liquor and letting them know about the incident at the army base. All the guys had decided that they are all going to do their mandatory time all at the same time. Ji Woo looks quite unsettled by this news. She seems to be down all day and daydreaming about all the times she hung out with Dae Young. While filling the coffee dispensers around campus she gets surprised by him and throws creamer all over him. To apologize she pays for his lunch. While in the middle of eating we find out that Dae Young isn’t going to go when the others do so he doesn’t miss out on going to the world cup game. I think Ji Woo’s indigestion cleared up along with her sadness.

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Ji Woo takes Dae Young’s shift so he can have a day to do his physical exam and runs into Seo Yeon while rolling in a keg of beer. The questions that are on the exam sound pretty familiar. But, the guys are shown whispering that if they answer like a crazy person they can be excused. I these idiots really do that shit. But, when they find out they will get charged with evasion they raise their hands along with a lot of other guys to get new answer sheets. Also, Byung Sam is a dirty little fucker. When he got swapped with the cotton round for this blood to be drawn that thing came back gray as hell.

After an ambiguous answer on who all has to go to the army, the guys go eat some yummy food that was recommended by Sweet Pea. I haven’t eaten lunch yet my mouth is drooling watching these fools eat. After eating that they got a cafe that has lots of girls and shows really tasty desserts. But when the girl crazy part of the gang Jin Seok thinks girls are checking them out he ends up getting his ego bruised again.

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Dae Young heads to work to relive Ji Woo. She’s such a good worker that the manager offers her a position paying more than what Dae Young gets an hour. After mulling it over for a bit she declines the offer and heads back home. While rounding the corner to the apartment complex she sees Seo Yeon run into Jin Seok who is drunk trying to ask her to be his girlfriend before he leaves for the army. After he tries to hug her she pushes him and then lets him know she really doesn’t have any feelings for him and he should stop now before she takes the footage of him hugging her to the police as sexual harassment.

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Dae Young is looking at part-time work positions on the school bulletin board when he runs into Ji Woo. He lets her know he needs more money since he wants to also see South Korea play in England now too. He’s also thinking of taking a leave of absence. Our girl doesn’t take it well and gets all depressed again. After going out for drinks and rejecting Byung Sam for the 8th time she blurts out Dae Young’s name but he’s not there to hear eat.

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We then go back to the present time with Dae Young and Ji Woo drinking in front of the convenient store. Ji Woo invites him over for breakfast and he happily accepts. Seo Yeon is looking for a new place to stay since her situation was resolved but now she has a new one with her current roommate. The first place she goes to is a house full of college girls who seem to be ageist. They obviously turn her down. Sun Woo comes home and goes into her room. Then when he sees she’s not there but her phone answers it!! Um excuse me but we aren’t friends or family! Don’t be answering peoples shit! It was someone telling her she could move in too. His ass heads to his room distressed as fuck.

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Dae Young heads to Ji Woo’s for breakfast and then starts eating a bowl of food that she left on the table. He later finds out it’s for the dog when Ji Woo comes back into the house to get Sweet Pea the dog. She actually made him Ginseng chicken it looks good. While eating we find out that the god is actually going blind and Dae Young suggests a client who is a vet. But has to run out before the appointment. I guess he met the dog in the past but doesn’t remember. At the checkup, we see that Sweet Pea doesn’t have much longer to live and is going blind.

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Seo Yeon is waiting at Sun Woo’s house because he asked and while waiting, his cousin that she borrowed money from comes in. This is when she finds out that Sun Woo paid the money back to his cousin for her. Both women seem confused and look at each other dumbfounded.

Ji Woo is looking for fun places that Sweet Pea can go when Dae Young calls and tells her to come out so they can eat dinner. Which looks amazing. They do a really good job of making all the food look so tasty. Mmm. the tempura is so crunchy and the sashimi looks great too. Can you tell I’m hungry as hell! On the way back they discuss death and rather it’s easier to know or being hit with the unexpected event.

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Sun Woo walks in and is shocked to see his big cousin sitting on the couch arms crossed waiting for him mad as hell. She also sees the bouquet of flowers and quickly figures out they are for Seo Yeon and she quickly gets him together and lets him know that she left. Sitting at the bus stop she rejects a call from him and ends up walking somewhere with her suitcase.

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Sun Woo gets called to the office to get notified that his team is being dissolved and then they cut to Dae Young who is in the middle of being let go. Damn man that’s two blows to the gut. I wonder if that vet ratted him out. Ji Woo heads to his apartment where her sister answers the door. She takes the food that was intended for Dae Young and closes the door in her face. Ji Woo finally awakes from her stupor and opens the door and pushes Seo Yeon only to get pushed back. The episode ends with an intense staredown between the sisters.

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This episode was alright, it was pretty sad seeing the two guys basically get fired. Sweet pea the dog is so cute and it’s sad to see that she’s not doing so great. But, the biggest part of this episode was the two sister confrontation. I think it will be a blow out next episode and I’m ready for it. These two have a lot of pent of anger and frustration between them that shit needs to be released.

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