Let’s Eat 3 |11| Reaction & Review


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Hey guys! Episode 11 ended with a bang! Literally, Ji Woo and Seo Yeon were pushing each other around Dae Young’s apartment. From the flashbacks of the past we seen haven’t the two get into that often except for that time they went to the beach. But, who didn’t see this coming. These two have years of tension building up between them along with secrets and repressed jealousy. I hope this episode they actually have a civil conversation with each other and finally clear the air and have a close bond. I also want to know what Dae Young is going to do since he went from gainfully employed to all around unemployed.

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It starts out with Seo Yeon drinking with all her belongings in one pretty large suitcase. She left her last place after running into Sun Woo’s cousin in his apartment and finding out that he actually paid his cousin back the money she owed.

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Dae Young seems to still keep a trashy place after watching him clear his bed off. After getting a call from Sun Woo, he ends up calling a already drunk Seo Yeon. We get another glimpse of why Seo Yeon acts the way she does. She must have been told she was a mistake a lot growing up. Remembering how her mother acted it’s not surprising she has such a complex.

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Transitioning back to the college time frame, the gang and Ji Woo are all a day spa. The guys are watching something on one of their phones and Ji Woo is watching a drama. The guys comment on Ji Woo with Dae Young and Byung Sam thinking she’s cute. While the other two not seeing it at all. Dae Young finally comes to the realization that he likes Ji Woo. He tries to shove away his growing feeling by mentioning food. Which looks amazing as usual!

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Seo Yeon is out at the club and accepts a drink from a guy. I don’t trust it. I hope she doesn’t get drugged. He also asked her age. But, that seems alright since teens sneak into clubs all the time. I guess we won’t find out since she got into a fight with some guy there who came to insult her. They do another flashback to when she was a small child and yup! It’s all her mother’s fault saying she should have aborted her and she ruined her chances of being a famous actress.

Seo Yeon ending up calling her step mom and she came super early to cook for her and make Ji Woo jealous. When she goes over to ask Dae Young to join them for breakfast he declines and runs off to school. When Ji Woo runs into him at school he runs away again.

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Seo Yeon has a great mother daughter day and takes her mom to get her first manicure. They also go out and get pictures taken. Which is really sweet because you know that’s all she really wanted was motherly love.

Cut to the guys giving Dae Young a hard time because he didn’t have to go off for training. He offers to buy everybody beer until Ji Woo shows up. She’s not having a great day, first her mom ignores her, then her crush runs every time he sees her. But, when they all end up at the day spa he can’t deny it anymore and basically stares at her the whole time she’s sleeping. When she wakes up and catches him he bolts again. But, she doesn’t let him get away and asks for an explanation. But when he goes confesses, they get interrupted by a phone call from his mom, and what looks like bad news. His dad’s business went bankrupt, and Dae Young has to drop out of school.

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We flashback to the future and the big fight that happened the end of last episode. We find out Dae Young actually got promoted not fired! I totally jumped to the wrong conclusion. Yay him! He’s an area director now. But, he has to move. He comes home to an empty place with a note. When he drops off Ji Woo’s dishes. Dae Young lets her now how her sister is really doing and she feels horrible. She said in her note she went to stay with a friend. I hope that friend isn’t wasn’t her mother.

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After finding out about Dae Young’s promotion Ji Woo suggest what else FOOD! They go out to eat delicious looking lamb chops. After that lip smacking meal they head back home and there’s a package for Dae Young. He won the heart of the cold chicken soup company and they want to offer their food as a take home option. Too bad it’s been disassembled.

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Goddammit! Seo Yeon IS staying with her mom. She still saying the same mean shit too. You would think she would find a new tune to sing but I guess not. Seo Yeon meets up with Sun Woo to pay him back to let him know they can’t be together. He’s too good for her. When she get back home she sees her mom has some guy in the house for afternoon delight. After walking in on the middle of that she packs up her suitcase and heads back to where she started the show off and asks Ji Woo if she can stay with her.

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While cleaning up the apartment Seo Yeon finds a picture of Ji Woo and her mom outside of the nursing home and goes to visit her only to get an apology for running into her in the hallway. I know Seo Yeon is crushed. She should of talked to Ji Woo before running over there.

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Dae Young runs into Ji Woo and let’s her know that he ended up quitting his job as the insurance company. He is actually going to start his own business that focuses on the business model that Sun Woo tried to start at his company.

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Well, this episode was a roller coaster of emotions. What with Seo Yeon’s narcissistic mother treating her sweet daughter like trash to seeing it come full circle and watching her do the same thing to her as an adult. That woman was a great example of a mother that nobody should have to deal with. Sadly, I’m sure it’s more common than not. I was happy to see Dae Young finally deciding to do what he really wants to do. I can’t wait to see him get his business off the ground. But most of all I’m finally ready for our main leads to just get together already.

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