Let’s Eat 3 |12| Reaction & Review


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I’m back with another reaction and review. This time were doing episode 12! Dae Young just quite his job after getting a sweet promotion. But after figuring out what he really wants to do for the rest of his life he’s more motivated than ever.

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This episode starts out with Ji Woo and Seo Yeon walking home from the grocery store. After complaining about not picking up a sleep eye mask Ji Woo asks her to walk ahead of her. Then it goes back to the scene where Seo Yeon finds out her step mom is in a nursing home. The saddest scene after seeing how much Seo Yeon adored her.

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Ji Woo and Dae Young talk about how he came to the decision to quit his job and start his own business. Ji Woo cheers him on for making such a difficult decision. I’m sure she will probably start working for him. While sitting we learn the backstory of Kongali the dog and how Ji Woo adopted him.

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Flashing back to the past we see a cute puppy Kongali at the pet store. Dae Young is actually watching him before Ji Woo sees him and comes over to join him. Seems to be that Dae Young has come by the store everyday to check on him and is passing the responsibility to Ji Woo since he’s leaving to join the guys in the army.

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When they get back to the apartment. Two of his buddies Byung Same and Jin Seok are fighting over whose going to take the PS2. Assholes! Dae Young had to use all the money he had saved up for school and to go to Germany to help pay off his dad’s debt. They get straightened out real quick by the Ji Woo that’s actually attractive and trying to help out. Ji Woo organizes a soccor games for everybody to play before Dae Young leaves after Sung Joo gets hurt Ji Woo takes his place.

After losing the game they all go out to eat The food looks .pretty good. I wasn’t a fan of the ginseng duck. Seo Yeon tries to give Ji Woo a hint to go and be a alone with Dae Young but she doesn’t get it and thinks he has the most fun with his friends.

It funny how they always go hmm in a pleasant way and shake their head up and down and point at the food they just ate. It makes it look more appetizing.

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Seo Yeon got so annoyed with how much Ji Woo was talking during the meal she wrote everything down and read it back to everyone. After she says that the how atmosphere changes and they head to karaoke instead. When the song is all sad and mopey Ji Woo cancels it and changes to to something more upbeat. But, it seems like all the guys want to do it sing sad songs and remind Dae Young that he’s leaving.

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When Ji Woo goes to the bathroom to vent her frustration she runs into Dae Young and they end up going off together. They even hold hands for sweet moment. After looking at a sweet poem about someone you secretly like Dae Young really admits to himself that he likes Ji Woo. But, is he going to actually tell her before he leaves. I doubt it.

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After finally leaving each other without admitting how they feel. Dae Young promises to come visit during his first vacation. Dae Young was going to ask her to wait for him. Good thing she didn’t. Thought I’m sure she hasn’t dated so he technically did without him having to ask. Ji Woo wrote to him every month letting him know all the guys are now in the military now too and she’s now an intern at a hospital. She also has puppy sweet pea. or Kongali. Dae Young even came to visit on his first vacation. But he didn’t get an answer at Seo Yeon phone and nobody answered the door.

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Seo Yeon had a tough ride back home when she realizes that her step mom has Alzheimer and has a panic attack.. Ji Woo sees her getting wheeled in when she’s headed to her shift

Sun Woo runs into Dae Young and he invites him out to eat and talk about his new business venture I’m sure. There meal looks like all octopus dishes. I don’t know about that meal. They get into a argument over who knows the most about it and we get to see it wiggle around on top of their food. I’m sorry I think I could only eat cooked octopus . The cooked ones took great!!

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Seo Yeon shows her old bitchy self when she chews out Ji Woo about her mom being in the nursing home. I know she’s just upset and surprised. But fuck you! You don’t know how hard it is for her.

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Sun Woo declines Dae Young’s offer but after drinking and waking up in his apartment for the second time. I think he may be changing his mind. He’s the worst drunk friend ever. After being mistaken as a gay couple Dae Young hands out a survey he created and Sun Woo finds out the Seo Yeon is in the hospital.

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But she runs into Dae Young in the hosptial and they go grab something to eat. After explaining why she is mad at Ji Woo, Dae Young quickly put her in her place. Making her realizes she has no idea what she went through to come to that decision. Seo Yeon speaks with Ji Woo and apologizes for how she acted. But, she admits that she did it to hurt her and get back at her mother because she in fact cheated on her dad and that was why the got divorced. After finding this out Ji Woo she floored.

This episode was sad for the most part. It was great seeing how Ji Woo got Kongali. But, it was sad seeing them know express their true feelings for each other and how they wasted all that time. But, it could have been for good reason. It was also great seeing sloppy drunk Sun Woo. He’s the worst I swear. He really needs more practice drinking. Seo Yeon was a right bitch this episode. But, I understood where she was coming from it didn’t excuse her using that as a reason to lash out at Ji Woo. We have two episodes left since this one was cut short with our handsome lead Doo Young actually in funny coincidence actually having to go to the military. I hope the rest of the show finishes all the story lines well. My favorite scene was watching Dae Young and Ji Woo handing out alone before he headed back home.

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