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So we’re finally to the last episode of Let’s Eat 3. I really want to know if they can pull everything together in fourteen episodes. 16 is usually the magic number. From reviews I read a lot of people weren’t very happy with what they were given. But, I want to decide on my own if its a good conclusion to the series.

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The last episode starts out with a monague of Dae Young and Ji Woo along with a flashback of highlights for the whole season. Then starts back in the present where we ended last episode with Seo Yeon asking Sun Woo if he wants to sleep together and then him dragging her out of Dae Young’s office.

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Dae Young and Ji Woo meet up and have lunch together. Yes! It looked freaking delicious! But, guess who has a great idea to ask Sun Woo if he wants to join them. Yah, the unaware Ji Woo. When he answers the phone he’s breathing heavily and Dae Young is mortified since he assumes what’s happening. Why would he answer if he was though!! That’d be rude AF. We quickly find out he was just jogging. Nothing X-rated at all! Thank god! I was going to be totally shocked!

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Sun Woo in fact brought her back to her place and told her to get a comfortable sleep since he knows she’s been sleeping on the floor. He’s really sweet this considering how she’s currently living. FOOOOD PORN!

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When Ji Woo leaves to go to the bathroom. Sun Woo reads Dae Young’s facial expression wrong and expects him to ask about Seo Yeon. He really just wants to know if he will go into business with him. Un prompted He tells her that he took her to a hotel for her to rest. He really didn’t want to hear the answer. They aren’t close enough for all that info I suppose.

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When Ji Woo goes to visit her mom she finds out that Seo Yeon is visiting. She’s upset initially until it dawns on her she’s not the only one who loves and wants to care for her mother. Their’s a tender moment when Ji Woo finally introduces her to their mother as her sister. Which is the turning point between these two usually contentious relationship. They eventually all head out to eat together. I found these scene really heartwarming. I’m happy they have a more mature and loving relationship. After communicating how they’ve felt about each other all these years.

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Seo Yeon and Dae Young meet up with Ji Woo in front of their apartment were they eat chicken, drink beer and make plans to go on a road trip. The decide to visit the restaurant that makes kimchi sujebi the way Ms. Li does. Seo Yeon makes the decision to drive. But is annoyingly pestered by Ji Woo the whole way. Whose trying to make Dae Young who’s taking a nap in the back. Have the most comfortable ride as possible. He barley had any sleep the night before.

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When Dae Young heads to the back to talk with the owner, Sun Woo is the one who’s actually doing the cooking for her. He’s trying to show they support her without making it about money. The same thing Dae Young did earlier in the show. Also he wanted to find out how to cook Seo Yeon’s favorite meal. Dae Young thanks him for the effort. Only to inform him that this potential client actually does want money. Which they don’t have being in the start up part of the company. When this info is learn, they all decide to head back home. While Ji Woo is heading back with Dae Young she starts to muster up the courage to tell him she likes him. Sadly, he suddenly interrupts and pulls over freaking out when he realized he left his engagement ring. He actually rummages through the restaurant trash! He actually leaves her there on the side of the road! Seo Yeon and Sun Woo end up picking her up.

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Later Dae Young finds his ring was at his apartment the whole damn time!!! He really had to feel like shit after leaving Ji Woo on the side of the road to go back and look for it. She ended up getting sick the next day.

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The relationship between Sun Woo and Seo Yeon has become closer after she decided to be more open with him. He even gives her a kiss on the check that she enjoyed. Dae Young is sitting at the local restaurant getting drunk sharing his feelings with Sun Woo. Who lets him know that him forgetting about his fiance is okay and that time passing is natural. It’s something that is bound to happen and you aren’t tarnishing any memories you have by wanting to move on.

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Ji Woo is really starting to get on my nerves. How can she iron Dae Young’s shirts after what he did to her. She really does love him. When she tells her sister the real reason they had to stop and pick her up on the way back home. She snatches up the shirt she’s ironing crumbles it up and throws it to the ground. Telling her that she has suffered in life enough and deserves to be happy. I like seeing this scene because i feel like Seo Yeon always tried to push to do things so you can find enjoyment in life. It’s hard seeing her so puppy eyed. While not getting the feelings totally reciprocated.

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After finishing his shirts Ji Woo comes down to return them and FINALLY! Letting this flame burn for years. She’s tells him how she feels adding she knows that he has a girlfriend. But, finally wanting to let him know. She also admits that her life is too hectic and stressful for her to worry about actually dating. She missed the fun easier time when she could worry about that in her twenties. I can’t fault her for saying that. Though, after finally getting her mom into a facility that actually will take good care of her and having Seo Yeon to help with some of the burden. She can finally find the time to love and take care of herself. Or allow love to finally find her again.

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Dae Young sits at home thinking about all the times that she subtlety let him know that she liked him. He’s dealing with his guilt and rekindled love and it’s hard. So I can’t be that mad at him. Everyone has different ways of dealing with tragedy.

She liked him for almost 15 years! That’s has to be soul crushing after finally admitting it to that person only to know that it might now work out. Seo Yeon comforts her and tells her finally letting him know is the first step to getting over it. Ain’t that the truth. That disappointment is next level though.

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Later that night Seo Yeon waits outside for Dae Young to have a word with him. We don’t see what she said to him. Afterward Dae Young sends Ji Woo a text telling her to meet him at the local park. Oh shit! Maybe he will be honest with his feelings now too. Instead of letting Ji Woo throw out the white flag before he can respond.

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Seo Yeon told him that Ji Woo knew his fiance had passed away. Dae Young asks if she can give him some more time while he works through everything. He does admit he has feelings for her though. Look at Seo Yeon becoming a little cupid! A lot more successful this time then back in college. Still no kiss and it’s almost over though. That would sent mixed signals and make Ji Woo feel like she’s being lead on. Just a cheers over some beers. It would have been inappropriate after a scene like that.

The last 15 mins is a group meal with the present gang. It wouldn’t be a lets eat food scene without Dae Young throwing out food knowledge as usual. The fish looks delicious expect for that they mention it has bones in it. I will finally acknowledge that I have adult taste buds now. I not really picky any more. I love mixing foods together and trying new things. Something I thought I would never do when I was a child. This show made me realize this after the first season. But, I’ll say it again for the final one. Since they ended it with them all enjoying food and each others company.

As far as the episode overall, I like how they left the relationships open ended. Both romantic relationships are complicated. Having it end while they are still working through things seems more true to life. I mean it’s a slice of life show. I feel like in the future they will most definitely end up dating and eventually getting married. But they didn’t need to sloppy throw together them being together to make the ending like most typical shows. Thought the lack of romance between the main couple was a bit disappointing. It was mostly used with the second leads. I can see why everyone wasn’t satisfied with the conclusion. But, it was nice enough. I wouldn’t give it a high score. But the rest of the season makes up for the lackluster ending. I also like how they gave reasons for why his friends from college didn’t stay in touch. It happens all the time in real life so that was also relatable.

What were you thoughts? Did you like the last episode?

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