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The Almost Date


If you read my last blog post. You know that I said I was going to make myself more available to the possibility of dating again. Well I guess the universe are catching these vibes I’m throwing out. Because about three weeks ago this guy at the gym asked for my number.

I was doing my cool down which at the time involved the alpine machine and watching youtube videos while I sweat out the last 15 mins of my workout. I was watching some mindless ms. mojo video on things not to say to Disney lover and was laughing and smiling at one of the number of things. When I looked up and made eye contact with him, and he smiled back at me. I was like oh cool. He’s cute, but that was kinda awkward. Back to my video and workout.  Who comes up beside me and gets on the empty machine right next to me. That’s right HE did. I’ll name him Gunther.

Gunther asked me about the machine and I answered his question, and went to go get a paper towel to wipe off my machine. When I was done cleaning it off and walking away he asked the “Oh do I know you?” question. He asked when I graduated and I told him what year I did and he asked if I wanted a workout buddy. I asked sure and traded numbers with him. Thinking hey at least I’ll have a workout buddy.

A few days later after figuring out we really don’t go to the gym at the same time. We agreed to have a date. No particulars had been established. But, he did mention a Jazz club and maybe checking it out. We talked on and off throughout the week. Gunther asked me what I did and when I answered he said something along the lines of “oh you got money!” Huge turn off. Then he said something about let me come over so we can Netflix and chill. Another turn off. I wasn’t surprised but I was a little disappointed. We had already set a date to see each other so i was going to keep it.

Jump to the the day we are suppose to go on a date. I was waited to see what times we would be going at.  Mid afternoon I still hadn’t heard anything so when my mom asked if I wanted to do something I said yeah. I might still have a date so I can’t be out all day. I don’t know if anyone else’s mom is like mine but she will spend all day in one store. Anyway, 20 mins into the excursion I get a text saying lets meet at 7 it was almost 5.  I was like “oh no baby! what is you doing?” that’s not enough time.  I might not think it’s going to work out. But I’m going to come like a bad bitch. So I asked if he could push it back like an hour. He already had plans for that time. I was like….

So we decided to reschedule until next week. We continued texting that day even though we didn’t go on the date. He asked me if I would send him a selfie and I was like okay. I send him a cute pic I had posted on snap. He asked for another one without sunglasses. I was kinda annoyed. I asked him to send me a one. This ain’t all about you buddy. He did. So, I send him a stripped down no makeup, wearing glasses selfie. Do you know he asked for another selfie! I told him no and he asked two or three more times.  I was like…this whatever this was going to be is over.

Has anyone else had any bad dating experiences lately? Do you think I was being to picky? Let me hear you’re thoughts.



Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – Ep 12



Park Bo Young as Do Bong Soon

Park Hyung Sik as Ahn Min Hyuk

Kim Ji Soo as In Gook Du

Previous episode recaps Ep1 Ep2 Ep3 Ep4 Ep5 Ep6 Ep7 Ep.8 Ep.9 Ep.10 Ep.11

We ended that last episode with the douche bag actually following through on another successful kidnapping. This dude just make a huge mistake. It’s not gonna end will for him. We find out that the person he kidnapped is DBS’s bestie. He’s doing this crap on purpose. The police as usual find out a little to late he wasn’t actually targeting IGD’s ex girlfriend at all.

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After enjoying their date BS and MH stand outside her house and say goodnight. He’s still showing how much he cares for her by telling her to go in first even though he knows she more the capable of taking care of herself. Always the gentleman.

A homeless man finds Kyung Shim’s (KM) abandoned things including her panic bracelet. At the police station IGD has a flashback of all the things at he seen at the creeps place and remembered all the surveillance equipment.

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In his cave Na Kyung Shim gets shamed worst than the other girls by forcing her beg to him, along with  mocking her for thinking she was safe.  DBS unknowingly starts texting the killer thinking it’s her best friend and gives him all the ammo he needs to take her down.

The light bulb finally goes off and IGD realizes that the POS has the police station bugged with video and audio. The fact that he gets excited that the game is really going to begin is so psychotic.

This is the episode were the pet names of Bong Bong and Mim Mim are born . AMH is so hilarious in his reaction to the goodnight snap from Bong Bong. Those feet kicks about killed me.

After Pigsy has an enlightenment from the poo wine. He gets harassed by DBS fan club who berate him for trying to send all those dudes after their big sis. He’s quick to turn to being a non violent person after getting his whole crews ass beat. The monk he finds to give him that new lease on life is fake AF! I want to cut those tendrils on both sides of his head. I lost it when the two henchmen busted out their signature fight moves while all bandaged up. They looked busted the damn house.

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I can’t believe that they have to argue with the chief to actually arrest the right culprit. He’s so happy with letting the public feel like it’s safe. When the psycho could strike again at any moment. He doesn’t have all seven brides yet. That could cause even more backlash against them. I do think he will eventually try to get DBS and IGD’s ex to his stable of frightened women.

Mim Mim cornerd Bong Bong and asked her for an answer to his question. But, he already knew the answer by looking at her. Then tells her they are going on a workshop. But it’s only the two of them going. Okay, Mr. Sly we know what your trying to do. He’s quickly disappointed when DBS wants to have a work related meeting as soon as they get there. He quickly changes plans to having them exploring the area  for inspiration and drawing an adorable heart in the sand. Along with an adorable kiss. That goodnight scene was sweet too. They just give me a toothache. In a good way.

The whole special unit says “fuck the chief,”  and they go to the junkyard without a search warrant. After asking a question that should of been answered easily by Kyung Shim the killer bombs and sends Bong Soon in a tailspin. She runs into Gook Du at the junkyard. She spots the shipping cart but doesn’t get a chance to explore it before Gook Du tells her its not safe and says she needs to leave. Arriving home the asshole sends a video of KS crying telling her not to come. He, himself then gets on the video and tells her to come and not bring any police. More than anything his stupid fucking pride is hurt and he wants her to apologize. He is totally going to a loony bin. Bong goes to the only place where she can get help crying and pulling at Min’s heart. We all know he’s going to help her.

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It’s going down next episode! I can’t wait. What part did you like the most on this episode. I like any with Bong Bong and Mim Mim, personally. Don’t forget to check out my other recaps listed above and keep and eye out for the next one.



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