I’m waiting for a new YouTube video to finish uploading and I’m thinking listening to this guy on Success Insider giving a list of the 5 bad habits that stop you from gaining success. I gotta admit that I’m a my own worst hurdle. I love to self sabotage. Even though I didn’t really use …

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My blog has transformed a lot over the years. I believe it been about 6 or more years. I can’t really remember off hand. The next transformation is going to be an actual journal. So boring right? Hahaha, probably. My life has become more relaxed, laid back and more routine then I thought it would …

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So in my previous health update post I briefly mentioned that I was going to try out the snack fast diet. I did some basic research and was like alright let’s see what this shit is about. Cole the creator mentions that you should do a 48 hr fast then refeed then go into a …

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I had a Cheat Day!


More like cheat weekend! It was freaking glorious!! Even though my stomach was being a little punk…basically the whole time. Hahaha. That would be my only complaint. But, I was prepared for it to happen. I don’t have a complete list of things that I ate but a couple highlights would be

  • Mega Stuff Oreos
  • Red Velvet Cake with vanilla ice cream
  • French fries
  • Extra Toasted Cheez-its

So because of my great junk food adventure. I will not be doing my regular weight and measurement update for Monday. There will be a meal prep. It will be a head of my weekly measurements now.

I didn’t lose the two pounds that I mentioned before. But when I originally said I was going to cheat I was only waiting until I lose 30 pounds. I already lose 33. So I think I deserved it.

My Goals will be the same a usual.

  • Get back into ketosis
  • Keep water intake up
  • workout 3x’s
  • stretch daily

I hope you have a great week!


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